Welcome to “Leathercraft Basics: The Beginner’s Guide.” This comprehensive tutorial explains the fundamentals of leathercraft / leatherwork from start to finish.

Why we wrote “Leathercraft Basics”

Where would you go if you wanted to learn the most important basics of leathercraft, starting from scratch?

It is possible to learn leathercraft online, where you search through a large amount of information. But as good as the internet is for answering questions, it’s not always geared toward studying a large topic from start to finish.

As we see it, everyone should be able to start learning leathercraft or leatherwork with little to no prior knowledge, dig down for a bit, and emerge with a solid understanding of the most important fundamentals.

There are no right or wrong way to get started in leathercraft. In this guide, i’ll explain the leathercraft fundamentals in the most simplest way possible. Consider this guide like a cheat sheet that you can always come back to refer to. Go ahead and bookmark this page! Hope this helps you in the leathercraft journey.

Where to begin

Leathercraft Basics is like a user manual, and it reads from front to back. Each chapter of the guide builds on prior chapters. If you start at the very beginning and work your way through, the information will flow naturally and in the right order. However, if you want to learn something more specific, you’re welcome to skip ahead to a later chapter. Here is the overall table of content of the guide:

Leathercraft Basics – Table of Content

Chapter 1: Leathercraft Basics Introduction (You are here)
Chapter 2: Understanding the Leathercraft Process
Chapter 3: Tools Needed for Leathercraft
Chapter 4: Leather Explained – Choosing The Right Leather
Chapter 5: Leather Dye
Chapter 6: Burnishing Agents
Chapter 7: Adhesive / Glue
Chapter 8: Leather Finishes
Chapter 9: Leathercraft Techniques (Coming Soon)
Chapter 10: Machinery used in Leathercraft (Coming Soon)

Credit: Featured Image by Kevin Menajang